Providing high quality services and comfort is our speciality.


Royal Funerals will manage the all aspects of the preparation for the ceremony, from mortuary arrangements to setting up chairs and tents at the graveyard of your choice.

Moving of the body

We can assist our members with the collection of the deceased's body or conducting a delivery from or to the family.


Exhumation entails the action of digging up and removing the deceased from a grave can add to the distress of a grieving family. Royal Funerals will make the necessary arrangements to help you exhume the body of your loved one should such a need occur while ensuring that the process is carried out respectfully.


Cremation is the disposal of a deceased’s body by burning it to ashes. We have made this option available to our members bearing in mind the diversity of religious and cultural practices in our society. We are highly experienced and will make sure that the cremation is carried out with dignity.


Repatriation involves the transportation of the deceased’s body to his or her country of birth. Losing a loved one is a devastating experience, especially when they are far from home. That is why we at Royal Funerals offer our members and their families repatriation services. We make sure that the body is transported and brought home for burial.